Say no to soap with sebamed! Soap based skin care products are simply too harsh for your sensitive skin and breakdown your skin's natural protective layer ( the acid mantle).

Unlike soap and other cleansers, sebamed products are soap-free and formulated to precisely match your skin's natural pH of 5.5. In fact, sebamed is mild enough that it is trusted by many users with acne, eczema, rosacea and other problematic skin.

Discover for yourself what over 150 clinical studies have shown: pH 5.5 is the secret to healthy skin.

One Life. One Skin. Sebamed.


This wonderful product has done wonders for my super sensitive skin. My skin no longer itches...- Trudy

My skin is so sensitive and prone to break outs and excessive drying from using harsh products. I love this stuff!- Dawn McCain

I love it!! I love the clean feeling after taking a bath with it, the way my skin feels moisturized, and the smell of it! For those who are thinking about trying it, get it! You will love it! - M. Lee

So glad to see sebamed coming to the US market. First begain in London when I needed something that wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin - a dermatologist recommended it...doesn't strip the skin of good bacteria which means no odors - S. Shepard